In News by Valenin Schütt

Valentin Schütt has partnered with Tom Schröder to found the Seven Miles Group. The first companies in the group are the holding company Seven Miles GmbH and the wholly-owned subsidiary Seven Miles Ventures GmbH as the operational unit involved in company development. Shares in the holding company are split 50/50 between Valentin Schütt’s investment company and the investment company S Quadrat Beteiligungen GmbH, held indirectly by Tom Schröder at 80% and Harald Schafeld at 20%.

Valentin Schütt is the former CEO of the company ViA-Online GmbH. After selling his company to eBay International AG / eBay Inc., Schütt continued to serve as CEO for another five years. On 31 January, he left the company in order to see his ideas brought to fruition within the Seven Miles Group.

Tom Schröder is the former CEO of Solarhybrid AG and has devoted himself to developing a variety of investments in recent years. Schütt will head the newly created group as CEO together with Schröder as CFO. Harald Schafeld, as proprietor of the law firm and tax consultancy Schafeld and Partners, will provide representation for the group in legal and tax matters.

About Wishcard Technologies:
The Wishcard Technologies Group operates a technology platform and develops, distributes, and sells voucher products with flexible redemption options on their platform’s own online portals. Wishcard Technologies covers the entire value chain, developing products and getting retail partners involved (including digital infrastructure), from in-house production to sales, both online and in-store. The resulting logistics infrastructure allows Wishcard Technologies to respond dynamically and flexibly to the needs of both individual and corporate clients in the shortest possible time.

Wishcard Technologies operates a digital voucher platform that partners with over 500 industry leaders, including Amazon, Google, Apple, IKEA, Zalando, and Facebook.